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Sourcing ammunition & ordnance, weapons & weapon systems - globally

NATL'S main strength is high/large volume ammunition sourcing, procurement and sales.

Ammunition & ordnance volumes include cargo containers for import and export, by ship, by freighter aircraft or ground.

For small volumes of ammunition, please visit our online retail website. - www.ammo2u.com.

By Ship By AIR By Truck


Delivering ammunition & ordnance, weapons & weapons systems - globally

NATL'S services include CONUS* and global delivery logistics support infrastructures - on time when you need it.

NATL provides high volume linking and LAP in support of global service and delivery customer requirements.

*NATL is also the largest shipper of 30kg packages or less in the State of NH with UPS for the consumer market.


Linked 4BIT .308, 7.62mmX51

(Picture - Linked 4BIT .308; 7.62mmX51)


Cage Code: 4XQ83, DUNS: 806850306, DCAA/DCMA audited accounting systems for cost plus contracts, WAWF billing enabled.

SAM registrations current.


US State Department - DTRADE

NATL maintains US State Dept. M/K Licenses Current, Licensed Manufacturers, Importers and Brokers.


AECA registered and US/Canada JCO-DLIS certified.


Bureau of Industry and Security - BIS

Department of Commerce - BIS - Bureau of Industry and Security, NATL is a registered commercial exporter. The BIS Portal of CONSOLIDATED SCREENING LISTS is an invaluable aid to exporters in support of due diligence efforts.

NATL also assists small businesses with commercial exporting and with questions and provides ITAR training and support. Call us @603.772.5088 ext. 103.


The Department of the Treasury

NATL performs customer assessments in support of all transactions.  This investigation is part of due diligence efforts. Significant informational databases provided by the US Treasury and the DOJ dictate restrictions on certain entities from participating in and supporting international transactions.  This information is extremely fluid and dynamic and is consulted daily as it is invaluable to the exporter for maintaining compliance. NATL is registered with the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). NATL is TTB Registered for Tax Exempt Transfer Authorization.



The ATF is an invaluable regulatory resource to the FFL/FEL.

NATL maintains current ATF Type 10/11 Licenses as Manufacturers/Importers of Destructive Devices, with current SOTs.

ATF regulations and data support the importation of ammunition and export of NFA devices.  NATL staff also hold current Type 33 licenses.

The ITAR - The International Traffic in Arms Regulations

NATL maintains and institutes rigid ITAR, FCPA and Company Ethics Compliance Programs.

Our expert council is Reeves and Dola, Washington DC.


The FCPA - The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,  NATL Ethics Governance, NATL Compliance Commitment to the ITAR

Acceptance of FCPA requirements and total Ethics Compliance is acknowledged by all NATL Officers, the entire NATL staff and all NATL customers prior to business engagements.


Weapons, Weapon Systems, Spares,  - Sourcing and Delivery

NATL sources and delivers weapons and weapon systems globally from OEMs and from our significant access to OCONUS surplus weapons inventories. Contact us here in NH @603.772.5088 ext. 106 for immediate support.

NATL's world class machinists manufacture and reverse engineer difficult to obtain systems from parts and drawings.

NATL represents an extraordinary proprietary abrasion resistance process called Dark Metal Technology to the DoD market.

NATL develops custom precision rifle and suppressor systems in its shop and with partners.

NATL in partnership with FloDesign Inc. is developing next generation suppressors for MARCORSYSCOM.

Small to large caliber ammunition & ordnance - Sourcing


Stripper Clipped M855, 5.56mmX39


(Picture - Stripper Clipped M855, 5.56X39mm)

NATL sources all small, medium and larger caliber NATO and NSA (nonstandard ammunition) from the US and from the former Comm. Bloc for US and Global clients.


NATL maintains contacts at all major US and global facilities that produce small and medium caliber ammunition.

NATL staff travels the world and works with ammunition exporters and manufacturers.

Gear, Kit and Equipment

NATL represents, distributes and sources most US MIL and NATO equipment through known US distributors and OEM’s.



NATL sources and delivers ordnance for CONUS/OCONUS use from North American and global OEM’s.


NATL'S staff regularly support the RDT&E, recording, testing, delivery of; and hands on exercising of weapons systems of US and OCONUS origin.

NATL's staff regularly travel performing unique ordnance support missions for the community. NATL provides safe reliable expert professionals, coordinates onsite materiel & range security, performs all logistics, and supplies the test beds and ballistics recording technology for exercising your hardware and development RDT&E needs with up to 1.1 ammunition.

Less Lethal

AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems

NATL represents and distributes Less Lethal tools and systems. NATL's AMTEC certified staff provide Less Lethal  LE training in safety protocols, deployment of distraction devices, obscurants, irritants and the proper use of  standoff delivery systems.  NATL will train your organization to properly purchase, store, transport and employ  Less Lethal materiel in accordance with your department's operational procedures. Call us @603.772.5088 ext  104 for the 2014 Less Lethal training schedule.

Simunition and Certified Sim-Instruction

NATL's GD-OTS certified Simunition Instructors are available to provide live sim and less lethal certification on your range; or here in NH. Call us.


Engineering, RDT&E & Tech Support and Threat Systems Exercising

NATL's staff have decades of live support experience safely firing millions of rounds down range for our customers.  Our expert staff have decades of experience in all aspects of technical live fire including the necessary logistics to support your small to medium caliber weapons and specialized ordnance needs.

Location Based Support - USG or Remote Private Range Support

NATL's certified staff have safely and repeatedly performed threat systems live fire exercises in accordance with customer's tailored engineering requirements in compliance with strict ordnance monitoring, delivery, storage and in-field employment requirements.  NATL's experts have supported the USG during extensive and extended day and nite all-weather exercises.

NATL's staff have decades of experience supporting austere range requirements for 1.1 ammunition and NATL will provide the logistics, the billeting and mess and remote LZ's, runways and closed open space for your exercises. NATL has access to secure mountain top facilities at known distances here in NH.

NATL's experts travel, teaching and training as a VAR and perform hands on product and end user systems training, weapons design reviews and service life testing.

Call us  @603.772.5088 ext. 103

NATL's experts provide hardware for live fire testing with ordnance and certified trained operators and technicians to exercise and support your hardware development and sensor testing; especially in austere environments.

NATL has access to private remote ranges with full billeting and mess; in excess of 5 KM in length for your long distance and ordnance testing requirements.


NATL's RDT&E staff are experienced operators, ordnance specialists, range developers, ex-Military, current LE and NRA Certified Instructors, and NRA certified RSOs able to instruct and support evolutions 24-7 for single individuals to Primes and Contractors.

We'll support your range needs from small arms, ordnance to guided projectile training, testing, evaluation, post test range remediation and logistics.  Call us @603.772.5088 ext. 101.


NOTE: Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 120-130.


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