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Weapons, Weapon Systems, OEM Sensor Exercising, RDT&E Range Support

Access to Remote and Long Distances Test Ranges

NATL's relationships with ranges that are both local and 'austere' allow us to tailor support for your reliability and capability test requirements against basic small arms live fire to advanced systems exercises supporting your test & development needs.  NATL provides you 24 hour expert support during all weather exercises and sensor development programs.

NATL provides the Tools and the Operators

NATL has extensive US and OPFOR weapons libraries available: pistols, rifles, belt feds and precision surgical systems available for training, signature analysis and sensor systems exercising. If not in our library, the desired system can usually be resourced from our network of great friends. NATL will manage your safety, provide ranges, facilities and tailored test support. NATL will manage per your ttps, provide PPE, range tools, ammo requirements, billeting and logistics delivering the right tools at the right time to support your needs.

OPFOR Weapons Training

NATL's experienced professionals utilize US and non-standard weapons systems instructing the operational use of small arms, medium through heavy weapons and non standard systems including AKs through ZU-23/Type 87 calibers with tool sets that include shoulder/tube launched systems.

Live Fire Range Support, OEM Ballistics Testing and Independent Ballistics Test Reporting

NATL's staff are experts with night vision and developmental scientific support exercising OEM RD T&E gear.  NATL staff has decades of direct operational experience performing impulse to destruct reliability live fire testing providing highly critical objective ballistic OEM feedback necessary for sensor developmental & improvement programs. Small caliber through 40mm impulse to destruct; and day/night impact divergence accuracy are examples of objective test methods NATL provides for both OEM's of gear and war fighter sighting systems. NATL provides clear, concise and unbiased independent reporting.

Armorers & Certified Simunition Instruction

NATL provides on range mobile armorers' support and training; for basic through advance tools.  Our staff supports force on force training with certified GD Simunition instructors, gear and ammo. We'll travel - Give us a call.

Ordnance and Lab Awareness, First Responder Training, Specialized Curriculum Development, Role Playing, Remote Range Access

Ordnance & Lab Awareness

NATL provides certified ordnance awareness training programs (Classroom based introductory effects awareness thru advanced levels 1,2,3  plus instructor level courses requiring range use) Call us @603.772.5088 ext. 103. for more info.

First Responder Training

This introductory courseware is suitable for First Responder and Fire Department Awareness Training Education and Development Programs.

Lab Awareness

NATL trains in lab recognition at the Command Level; also for LE, for First Responders and for Fire Department Continuing Educational Programs. NATL's Command Level lab recognition and LE courseware includes live effects, historical reviews of the criminal use of such items; hands on instruction, ttps, detection, countermeasures and defeat. Call us @603.772.5088 ext. 103. for support.  NATL's certified staff travels and has austere ranges.

Specialized Curriculum Development Support

NATL's staff provides professional level weapons and ordnance training, training and education and curriculum development services along with reviews, formal testing, courseware with objective certifications, formalized feedback and evaluation. We'll provide compliance support to TRADOC 350-70.

Basic to Advanced Weapons and Operations Training

NATL's military and LE instructional staff are experienced with interdiction, night operations, IPTAL sighting /NVOD use, thermal/I-squared, patrolling, experts in the principles of long range shooting, and able to provide integration to egress of mobility platform instruction.  Our staff members are expert instructors in crew serviced weapon systems, basic fam instruction, ordnance fam instruction and battlefield applications. NATL's trained staff instruct in Shoot/No Shoot FTX, perform mobility platform training basics & train in fighting from and while under cover, underway, with less-lethal and with obscurants.

Role Playing Support

NATL's expert former military staff provide TRP and Red Force role playing capability.

Remote, Austere Range Access for Ordnance RDT&E

NATL's R&D and Engineering Departments maintain access to and commercial use of training ranges with up to 2000 lbs+ NEW for all weather OPS.

NATL provides specialized support and staff are certified in many ordnance areas.

Certified US Forest Service Staff

NATL's certified staff in hazard tree remediation and fire line operations consults and partners with the US Forest Service Technology and Development Center, Missoula, MT , NEBTAG.

Certified Staff of Operators & Instructors

NATL'S certified staff of former operators and current LE instructors provides basic, intermediate through advanced hands-on pistol, rifle, shotgun, sub-gun and crew served and shoulder launched training.  NATL has additional NRA certified RSO's, with instruction and NRA certs for permitting - available if requested.  Ordnance certified staff are available for remote location instruction and support.

New England Underground Test Facility Access

NATL can readily source various underground mine venues for training and testing in NH and Vermont.


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